What Does a Citizenship Lawyer Do?

A  Citizenship Lawyer is an individual who is qualified in all of the different branches of the law. They are knowledgeable in all of the laws pertaining to  citizenship and the naturalization of that person into the United States as a legal permanent resident, or citizen. This includes all aspects of the visa procedures and any appeals. They assist with processing of green cards and any issues that may arise during that process. Also they assist with filing for an immigrant visa and work permit to enable an individual to legally reside in the United States under their chosen classification as an alien. Check JacksonWhite Law – Phoenix Citizenship Lawyer.

After the green card application has been filed and approved, then the next step is to apply for an immigrant visa. The green card application requires numerous things such as proof of employment, a check list of what countries one wants to visit, forms to be filled out and a biometric verification. An immigration lawyer is a must when applying for a green card, as they will ensure that the application is submitted properly and on time. If an applicant’s application is denied, they can appeal through the appeals process that the Citizenship and Immigration Services will handle.

There are many more concerns that an immigration lawyer may encounter throughout the green card and citizenship process. However, they are obligated to protect their client’s rights of their choice in the process. All aspects of the immigration laws and the naturalization process fall under the professional’s responsibility. This includes defending their client from unfair treatment by the federal government or their own government. If there is any dispute involving the citizenship or immigration of their client, a  citizenship and immigration lawyer will be the best person to represent them and assist them throughout all aspects of the process.