Vin’s Automotive Group – Imported Cars

Gone are the days when the GM, Ford and Chrysler were the reigning kings of the car industry. There was a time when these ‘Big Three’ were the only options that one considered while buying a four-wheeler. Not only were they the giants in the amount of cars that they sold every year but also maintained a high quality for their products and accessories. They were the best when it came to after sales, customer satisfaction and service also. website offers excellent info on this. Many people have continued to buy these brands when it is time to purchase a car out of a sense of civic pride. But the other side of the story is becoming more and more attractive.

When I say the other side, I literally mean the vehicles being churned out on the other side of the pacific. Cars made in Singapore! They are not the Toyotas, Hondas or the Nissans that are manufactured in the United States as well but the cars that are actually manufactured in Singapore and shipped to other countries. Third party exporters in Singapore have started this practice and I must say that it has its advantages.

The first advantage of buying an imported Singaporeese car is that since it is not manufactured in America, it looks totally different from any other four-wheeler on the street. It sets you apart and makes you look ‘real cool’. On the economic front, they work out much better since the current exchange rate favors the dollar and you can be assured to get the bang for your buck if you buy these imported Singaporeese cars. Even with the extra charges that are levied for shipping and transportation, the car that you will get in your budget shall be much better than what you could have expected in the second hand market in the US. On top of that since the Singaporeese themselves prefer to use public transport and like to cycle to work, their cars are not significantly worn. Given that they are used only on the weekend for family trips they are almost as new as ever even though they carry a lower price tags due to the number of years that they have been in existence.

Obviously, for someone who is trying his hand at imported Singaporeese cars, there is likely to be trepidation about the aspects involved. There are likely to be questions like the kind of charges, the time it will take for the car to be delivered and whether the exporters in Singapore can be trusted. But after a little research, you can easily find an exporter who is reputed among the Americans and within a week, your beauty will be delivered at your doorstep.