Trampoline Replacement Springs- An Overview

As you jump up for the hundredth time in the rain, you may wonder how your trampoline is functioning. Two things work together to make you bounce. The springs and mat of the trampoline combine to build the perfect friction to enable you to bounce as you jump. Exactly how hard you jump, however, depends entirely on how solid the springs along the sides of the trampoline are.

Before being used on a trampoline, all trampoline springs should pass American Society for Testing and Material standards. These springs are made from a high quality piece of wire made stronger by a process called galvanizing. The galvanized wire is coiled to form springs and then cut to the correct length.trampoline replacement springs offers excellent info on this.

Someone takes on the trampoline with every bounce, stress is placed on the springs. Therefore it is a good idea to use the strongest wire available. Except with high-quality steel, the springs can fail with time and spread. Each month you will take a look at your trampoline and make sure that the springs appear strong and are not brittle. To help keep the springs working well longer, when not in use, cover the entire trampoline with a tarp and consider spraying the metal with WD40 or a similar anti-rust product. The reason it’s so important to keep your trampoline springs in good working order is that they could snap at a weakened or rusted point as somebody bounces away on the trampoline.

While you might want to go right to the manufacturer of your trampoline when you replace springs, you can also go to an online store where replacement parts are sold. Ultra Bounce and DDI Sports are two well-known Spring brands.

If you buy your replacement springs, of course, you want to be sure that you get the ones that actually fit your trampoline. Remove a spring from the trampoline and measure it from one hook to another to find out which size you should shop for. You should take your measurement in inches, as this is how these parts are sold. In fact, you may want to measure two or three springs in case one of them is actually stretched out to be sure you have the correct measure.

You can then shop for replacement springs once you have your measurements. There are several fantastic spare parts vendors working online and you can find more detail about them at the end of this article by following the Resources link.