Things to Remember About Your Hardwood Floors

The construction of hardwood floor automatically enhances the architectural beauty of a home. If you’re looking for more tips, -Pros and Cons: Bathroom Flooring has it for you. It gives it a touch of charm, glamour and sophistication—which is exactly why caring for hardwood flooring is a matter not to be taken lightly. Incorrect cleaning practises for hardwood flooring could harm and drastically reduce the appeal of the floor.

Here is a simple reference to the six items you can remember about your hardwood floors to help you take care of your precious flooring properly:

  • Water is not your floor’s mate.

Water and hardwood floors don’t match. But make sure to clean it up quickly with a dry and comfortable cloth anytime juice, wine or some other related liquids are spilled on your floor. Water will damage your floor in two respects. First, it might decrease your floor lustre dramatically (which is actually the most appealing thing about it in the first place). Second, it might cause your floor to warp and cha cha cha

  • Routine, comprehensive cleaning is important.

Dirt, dust and other contaminants can act as tiny abrasives. As such, they can severely destroy hardwood, although they can do little more than render the carpeted or ceramic-tiled floors.

It is also advisable that you use gentle brooms, fabric and vacuum cleaners to frequently scrub the floor of dust and dirt (remember to use the attachments designed especially for hardwood floors, though). It is often better that you place welcoming mats at the entrances of your home so that visitors can wash their shoes when they reach your home.

  • It is better to leave the practitioners with big hardwood floor refinishing work.

Although you may choose to be the ultimate do-it-yourself guy, it is better to leave professionals with the right expertise, knowledge and equipment for big hardwood floor refinishing work. If you have second thoughts about paying for professionals, note this: it is easier to pay for skilled refinishing services than to repair hardwood floors irreparably compromised by a botched bottom

  • Be cautious of the cleaners that you use.

Often, even the strongest intentions may have detrimental consequences. If you think you’re doing a service for your hardwood floor by actively washing it with strong cleaners, well, you’re not. Cleaners such as oil soaps will leave stains on the floor that would render it more challenging for you later to add repair coats.

It is safer if you use cleaners that are designed especially for hardwood as you scrub your floors.

  • Hardwood scratches, unlike carpets and ceramics.

It is very resistant to scratching, unlike other styles of flooring products. So NEVER drag on your floor furniture and other heavy items so that you do not want big, messy marks to mar your floor’s sleek, polished and perfect appearance.

  • Rugs are excellent.

Strong banging with high-heeled and boot-clad boots can inflict significant harm to your floor. You can either discourage people from stepping on your hardwood to mitigate shoe-induced damage or, more realistically, you should place decorative rugs on your home’s high-traffic areas (e.g. living room).