The Most Overlooked Fact About California Center for Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine therapy is a drug most commonly used for inducing and sustaining deep sedation. It produces a trance-like condition, which, besides offering pain relief, also offers amnesia, sedation, and muscle relaxation. Ketamine was first used to treat patients who were subjected to severe dental operations and who had to be kept under lock and key in the dental hospital. These dental operation patients were under the impression that they were in a state of partial amnesia, where they would not remember what happened during the dental operation. Under these conditions, the doctor would be able to perform the dental surgery without any problems. Click here to find more about California Center for Ketamine Therapy-Los Angeles Ketamine Clinic are here

The first part of this treatment involves the administration of the drug into the patient’s intravenous system. Subsequently, the therapist will teach the patient how to breathe in and breathe out deeply while using the stimulus points on their body that will correspond with the areas of the brain that are currently receiving stimulation. Ketamine therapy is considered a relatively safe treatment for a number of disorders and it has been used to successfully treat patients who have been diagnosed with some of the more serious psychiatric disorders. Nevertheless, ketamine therapy can also produce some undesirable side effects such as weakness, dizziness, excessive sweating, headache, confusion, depression, and anxiety.

It is worth noting that ketamine therapy was only introduced into the United States in 1996. This is because this substance use is highly controversial in Europe. Although the number of people who are administered this substance by qualified medical professionals in the U.S. is small, this country has seen a large increase in the number of people who utilize this substance for chronic pain management. While there is no clear evidence linking the use of ketamine therapy for psychiatric disorders to an increased incidence of suicide among patients, the use of this drug has led to fatalities occurring in hospitals in the U.S., and this has prompted certain states to have removed it from the medical practice registry. In view of the fact that the psychiatric indications and risks are very real concerns for those who utilize this treatment, it is imperative that anyone who is considering purchasing this medication should carefully research all the associated risks and indications before proceeding to take the substance.