The Benefits of Dental Implants

The procedure of dental implants has evolved over the last several decades from a simple filling or bridging of a broken tooth to a more complex process that includes the replacement of a missing tooth, root canal repairs, jaw reshaping and reconstruction after tooth loss. A dental implant consists of a metal post that is fused to the bone of your jaw or jawbone. This metal post can be placed in the mouth over an existing tooth, or it can be placed in your jawbone and fused to the root of your jawbone. Many people who have had implants done know that they are very different from traditional removable dentures. Because the dentures are removable, you can often get them replaced at your dentist’s office whenever you want. With an implant, you must return for additional procedures to be able to get a new replacement.Learn more about us at Dental Implants near me

The most common reason for having dental implants is the need to replace one or more teeth. In general, you can have a full tooth removed and have a titanium post put into place to replace it. This process is called a crown. You will usually not notice any difference the first time you use a dental implant; however, over time you will begin to see some difference. In addition, implants will give you a natural smile, which many people have difficulty with. Another reason that people choose to have implants done is the fact that they do not require a denture for comfort and to prevent them from losing their smile over time. However, dentures are made of a material that will keep bacteria and other organisms out of the mouth and can prevent the tooth from healing as well as helping to avoid gum disease.

Dental implants are not covered by most insurance policies because they are considered to be cosmetic procedures. However, there are insurance plans that cover dental implants in the case of a complete or partial loss of one tooth. If your implant fails, you will not lose any teeth, and you will not have to spend the money to get a new replacement tooth. There are a few plans available that allow you to receive the treatment for your dental implant, without paying anything up front and without insurance, at the same time as the regular services that you would receive from a regular dentist.