Headshots Do We Need One

You really can’t stop it these days-you need a good portrait / headshot. Why? For what? Okay, it’s facile. It’s just the way we meet people now-online.Model Headshots We all know how popular dating online has become, and so we do business online!

Where we used to meet new business partners at networking events, we are now networking online through Facebook , Linkedin , Twitter and whatever else comes along our way. So instead of ironing our trousers and putting on our business jacket — we ‘re putting our headshots on the same outfit now! We can reach hundreds of people this way in just one outfit! Just make sure it’s a fantastic dress and a very fine picture!

Yeah, yes , I know you hate picturing yourself! I listen to it all the time. Yes, it can be overwhelming sometimes to try to look professional and friendly so choosing your photographer is so crucial. The second most commonly heard statement is “It’s not about me, it’s about my job.”

Whatever our skill, or talent, we all know — there is always someone out there doing the same job. Yeah, we have all the rivalry. And how can we distinguish ourselves from the competition? We ‘re doing the same thing we’ve always done, which is showcasing and selling out our best qualities as a individual. The only difference is that we do it with our online portrait sale now. People are doing business with those people they trust! Make sure that your photographer catches the part you want in your portrait / headshot!

Studies found that the average citizen is viewing a website for about

13 Seconds-this is a little bit longer than a hug! And we have less and less opportunities to communicate with people so we make it a Good first impression!! Oh and don’t make me say the obvious, you ‘d better portrait / headshot on your web page! Another study underlines that people respond more from our photos, given what our text says in our profile -say on Facebook. And if our professional profile picture looks fun and welcoming on say Facebook, that makes a stronger impression than what we’re saying about ourselves. And yeah, if we say our image contradicts the way we are bland and very conservative-surveys show people believe the visuals about the text we wrote about themselves!

So again, headshots / business portraits give people you’ve never met an image of who you are and it reaffirms your identity to others who do know you. That’s all incredibly relevant because there’s so much online activity. So count your first impression and take note that this first impression is no longer face to face but online. So always remember that your portrait / headshot company will significantly influence the outcomes of the next meeting on site!