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Nail polish is fun, it’s sexy, it’s eye-catching and it can be a cheap way to refresh your overall look if you’re choosing trendy seasonal colours. Though there might be a hundred different firms making nail polish, much of it is pretty much the same. Certainly, there are brands that are thinner, some thicker, some faster than others, or wear better. Some companies with their products include nail hardeners, while other nail colours lack irritants such as formaldehyde and toluene. There are various types of nail colours to choose from. One-coat formulations contain a concentrated amount of pigment that allows you complete coverage in one coat. An opaque, high-gloss, non-sparkly finished polish is often referred to as a paint cream or gloss. Frost or pearl colours are another choice. They come in a range of stunning pearlescent colours, and are designed to produce a frosty finish with ingredients such as iron oxides or mica. Nail glitters are colourful or transparent polishes formulated with a generous amount of coloured glitter for a pleasant, fleck-toned finish-ideal for special occasions.about Facials Tucson

Top coat Top coats are a type of clear polish designed to protect the colour of the nail from chipping, flaking, and peeling that comes with wear. They are similar to base coats but they are often dry faster and have a more matte finish. Standard top coats form a barrier that protects the manicure from chips and other “touch accidents.” Many nail technicians recommend painting on a fresh layer of top coat every day or every other day to maintain a manicure fresh-looking and long-wearing. Instead, fast-dry or fast-dry top coats are designed to help dry the nail polish below easily. Your manicure should be dry to the touch within 2 minutes of painting on a fast-dry top coat; the manicure should be fully (or almost fully) dry within 7 to 12 minutes Free papers. There are also UV-protective top coats containing a sunscreen-these shield the colour of the nail from the shade-changing effects of sunlight.