International air travel security will be most affected by these new restrictions, particularly for flights arriving in the United States. Before boarding a plane, passengers can be subjected to vigorous screenings. The scanning of your personal possessions, inspections by bomb-sniffing dogs, and an increase in the number of airport police and TSA agents could be part of these expanded gate screenings. In plenty of time, foreign travellers would want to arrive at the airport to prepare for the additional time that these screenings will take at security checkpoints.Do you want to learn more? click for more info

The restrictions placed one hour before landing have been relaxed by the TSA, but the agency has indicated that it would leave the flight crew to implement these proposed restrictions.

As a result of this new terror attack, domestic flights inside the United States will also see some increased security. Give yourself some extra time to check in if you are travelling domestically, just to be on the safe side. When packing any carry-on luggage, be sure to remember only to pack the necessities. This will make it simpler and easier and quicker to check for clear protection.

Be more mindful of your surroundings and those around you, and report to the police, a TSA agent or the flight crew any suspicious activity. Please note that everybody will be influenced by this raised level of knowledge and you want to make sure you obey all the instructions given to you. I understand that regular air travellers have frequently seen airline safety presentations and have been able to recite them verbatim, but it is necessary to pay careful attention to any directions given before and during your flight.

The TSA did not specify how long these additional safety measures would have been in effect, but stated that these new restrictions would be regularly monitored to ensure the highest standards of passenger safety.