Security Guards – Options For Your Business

Getting a security guard service would give you enhanced crime prevention and peace of mind that your company and facilities are secure. For organizations of all sizes and all industries, security guard services are available.

Guards of Defense

Security guards in the UK and London are available for all industries, including specialist areas, such as:

  • Outlets for retail
  • Places of Building
  • Bureau
  • In trains
  • Storehouses
  • Clinics
  • In hotels
  • Centres for Shopping
  • Sites for Building
  • Services for Mobile Patrol

Instead, you might suggest a mobile patrol service if you believe you don’t need or can’t afford a full-time security guard for your business website. Get more info about Security guard service.

Using a mobile patrol service, while also offering security, will save you a large amount of money. For instance, patrol services for mobile London security guards cost about one third less than an on-site security guard.

Depending on your requirements and budget, the number of mobile patrols for your premises will vary.

Dogs patrol

The only real protection solution in certain cases is to use a guard dog device. This means using, with their trained handler, a specially trained guard dog.

A guard dog can determine the location of a sound much more easily than a person can, as well as listen to sounds up to four times the distance that humans can. Additionally, the sense of smell of a guard dog is about 50 to 100 times more strong than that of a person.

The best deterrent against offenders is offered by guard dogs. Even a sign showing the fact that you have canine protection or the barking sound would always put off a would-be attacker.

Areas where you can consider selecting a guard dog and handler include:

  • Vast fields that require patrolling
  • Areas with broad view of some sections
  • Areas that are too harmful for lone security guards
  • When the police arrive, a guard dog/handler team will be able to hold a suspect securely.