Roofing Company: When to Call

As you usually spend little time on the roof of your house, before you start seeing leaks or losing shingles, you might not know that you need to contact a roofing company. Before your home is badly damaged, learning to identify the signs that it’s time for a new roof will help you fix the problem.If you’re looking for more tips, Georgia Unlimited Roofing and Building-Roofing Company has it for you.

Next, find a spot where, ideally from above, you can see the roof of your house. If you have to go across the street, bring a pair of binoculars. Try jumping onto the roof of your neighbour-of course, with permission-to give yourself a clear perspective.

Check for broken flashes until you can see your roof well. This happens because there is no proper construction of a new roof. If an older roof begins to dry and crack, or if the foundation of the house starts to settle, it may also happen.

Next, search the roof for shingles that are missing. Shingles will fly off your roof because the roofing company that did the initial installation didn’t fasten them properly. A strong wind storm that blows some of the shingles off is, however, the most common cause of this form of damage.

Curling is one indication that your roof is actually getting old. The edges begin to curl away from your roof surface as water is absorbed into wood or fiber-reinforced shake roofing. This can allow leaks and also makes it more likely during wind storms that the shingles will blow off.

Check for algae growth on your roof if you live in a hot, warm environment. Airborne algae may attach themselves and start to grow on your roof. This is unsightly and can also lead down the road to rotting and other issues.

Make sure that there are not too many missing if your shingles have granules. Some may be loose, but large patches of missing granules are a cause for concern and a sign that a replacement roofing choice will need to be considered on an older roof.

Buckling is not generally an indicator of age, but it is a possible concern. Deck movement or an incorrectly applied roof may cause buckling. If your roof is relatively new, consider calling the roofing company to see if they have some kind of assurance against issues with buckling.

If you find blistering in the roof, it means the shingle has moisture. Usually, this happens when ventilation is insufficient under the roof. If the damage is not yet severe, by improving the ventilation, you can be able to save the roof.

Rotting is a very real problem in homes that have organic-based shingles. This happens as moisture is absorbed by the mat, and the organically formed shingles gradually decay. Before holes happen and you find yourself in your home with leaks, everything will need to be replaced.

Contact a roofing company if you find any of these issues and are confused about how to deal with them. Although not all of these issues need a complete overhaul of the roof, you don’t want to let them go too long and cause a major problem or a leak that damages your home’s ceiling.