Reality about Park Avenue Flooring

Let us move on to another reason why a solid oak floor is now classified as a superior product of engineered wood flooring. If you’re looking for more tips, Park Avenue Flooring has it for you. The primary reason people are going to go for an oak floor is that they love the timeless natural beauty European oak has to offer. The fact that the top layer of a good engineered oak flooring is the same quality European oak as you would find in solid oak flooring is what many people do not understand.

This implies that it looks and feels just the same when it has been laid, and more and more customers say that they prefer the look of the longer and wider boards that many engineered wood floors offer. So, the oak engineered flooring of the highest quality will look the same, but will it actually last as long? It is mostly down to something called its ‘wear layer’ how long a floor will last. The part of the floor that is categorised as the wear layer is approximately 5-6 mm from the surface of the board down to the tongue and on a solid oak board. Now, the top layer of oak is the layer of wear on engineered wood flooring. So, if you buy an engineered oak flooring with a solid oak top layer of 5-6 mm, it will last just as long as the flooring. To conclude, if you want an engineered flooring that will last as long as a traditional solid oak floor, make sure that it has a nice thick top layer of wood, ideally 5 mm+.It is much less susceptible to this movement because of the stability of a high quality engineered oak floor. Owing to the fact that an increasing number of properties are being installed under floor heating systems, this stability is also becoming more important today, which naturally causes a frequent change in humidity.