Reality about Carterville Rental Equipment Association

Build records of equipment and rentals

The location of the equipment and how it is being used is one of the most critical aspects of equipment rental. Rental software will create a spreadsheet that analyses the usage of each piece of equipment, including how much and for how long the piece is leased. By showing which pieces are not major renters and which pieces are leased regularly, this helps increase profits.Learn more at  Carterville Rental Equipment Association

In addition to the benefit that the asset brings to the business, a system may also help analyse the investment of assets. It is possible to sell large pieces that are rarely rented and use the money to invest in more regularly rented pieces. Software may also coordinate relevant data, such as how much longer a piece of equipment is required, the last rental of a piece, and any possible planned equipment leases.

Using Equipment Monitoring GPS Program

In the rental industry, GPS equipment tracking is increasingly common. This is considered a reasonable technique for the process of understanding where the equipment is and the amount of use it gets on the job. Personnel would have to search the equipment manually without GPS integrated rental software. As work sites can be far away and workers will be away from the organisation, this decreases productivity.

The GPS device would ping to the software system, reporting the position and metre readings of equipment with GPS integrated software. As the consumption hours are sent directly to the software system, this helps prevent confrontations about overcharging.

Keep track of maintenance required

It does not help to bring in some profit if a piece of equipment is sitting in the rental yard waiting to be replaced. It could be months before the piece is available for rent again if the mechanics are not aware of damaged equipment. A business runs the risk of a piece of equipment breaking down on a job site if the mechanics are not aware of required maintenance. Ultimately, once the machine is repaired, the company loses income and raises the risk of losing the repeat rental market.