Making Dental Treatment Affordable

A woman with a big smile and long black hair sat comfortably in a dental clinic’s tiny waiting room. A middle-aged woman sat in a single dental chair in the clinic, getting her teeth checked by a young dentist. The clinic’s low-cost facilities are what keep her from doubting her ability to receive adequate dental treatment in the future. Kindly visit Dentists of Ivanhoe Central to find more information.

The dental clinic, which has been in operation for 43 years, is a private non-profit project. For a long time, the clinic was set up in the organization’s building to provide health services to pregnant women and children. At the clinic, children will obtain dental treatment. Private donations have always been the source of support, and a cornerstone was laid by a woman who left us a bequest in her will. When the foundation stopped coming, we reexamined our programmes and discovered that much of what we provided was already being provided by other organisations. The clinic had to close because the facilities were no longer funded.

When we learned that low-income people aren’t getting their dental needs met, we wanted to rent out the main building and remodel the garage. The group sought to raise $10,000 through donations in order to convert the garage into a small dental office. The office equipment had already been donated by dentists for the previous dental clinic, so it was already usable.

Who is eligible for low-cost treatment is decided by the outcome of an interview with each of the prospective patients. To avoid competing with area dentists, those who have the financial means to pay for private dental treatment are not admitted as patients at the clinic. The clinic decides who will use the clinic’s services and how much they will be charged using a sliding scale. The sum to charge is determined by the number of people in the person’s family as well as the amount the person receives from his work.