Limousine Bus – Now Party on Wheels

A large luxury car with seating capacities for ten to fifty passengers is a limousine bus, also known as a party bus. These buses are operated by a chauffeur and are used for different reasons, from group trips to specially fitted rides for people with disabilities. Casinos, hospitals , universities, teachers, churches, malls, nursing homes, travel companies and many more are served by these buses. These buses, though, are typically used for partying. Feel free to find more information at Transportation service

Various electrical systems such as AM / FM stereo with CD players, upgraded camera systems , and power door and window locks are well suited for limousine buses. The other services include the newly designed benches, air conditioning, access doors for air-conditioned passengers, on-board showers, stripper posts, baggage partitions, and smoke machines. As these cars are often used for group purposes, laser and disco lighting and back-up cameras also come with them. The flooring of these buses is performed in line with the method of travel. Limousine buses, from weddings to proms and bachelor parties, are designed to fit any sort of gathering. Not only are these buses used for day trips and activities, but also for excursions that can last for almost a week.

This limousine buses are made into mostly vans or mini-bus bodies. These cater to numerous providers of different kinds. There are some of them:

Circulating limousine: frequently used limousine vans, such as those that take everyday passengers to and from their employer (whether it’s an office or college or other neighborhood building) and homes.

Limousine Continuous Service: These cater to special occasions. This service is now being used by many event planners. An event in a town may lead to a parking overload and people who come to the event may have to park far from the event centre. Therefore, a limousine bus is contracted to transport travellers to the convention centre from far distant parking spaces.

Restricted limousine bus service: Many limousine buses are designed to handle persons who rely on wheel chairs. Besides this, buses are often customised to accommodate persons who need special aids. Many hospital centres contract such buses to carry disabled persons from their homes to the centre and back. These buses are also used to bring aged and handicapped people to meetings and shopping centres through assisted living communities.