Laser Hair Removal Facts You Should Know

The latest breakthrough in recent years to remove unnecessary hair is laser hair removal. Before venturing into this domain, there are some details you should remember. Don’t get your hopes too high is the first piece of advice. It is definitely tempting to have the idea of permanent hair removal, but a laser can only do so much.Do you want to learn more? Visit Touch Up Laser.

Not everyone is able to successfully use laser hair removal. Your hair and skin type will be tested by a professional clinic to let you know what they can and can not do for you. The treatment basically works better on light skinned individuals with dark hair. If you are very tanned or dark skinned, a clinic would not recommend that you consider this procedure in most situations. Hair removal may be performed, but the issue lies with your skin. A lighter patch of skin can occur and be permanent at the removal site. This may leave an unattractive marking that may not be better than the hair that was unwanted.

However you will compare clinics and will find that some have capabilities that other clinics do not. Don’t give up on the first try. Although you may find a great clinic that conducts a procedure, you may also find a rival clinic that has more sophisticated laser equipment with one type of laser system. Their lasers could be meant to treat individuals with hair and skin factors; they will not be treated by the other clinic. If you are not found to be right for laser hair removal at one clinic, it is advisable; a second opinion should be obtained.

There is only a success rate of perhaps 90 percent with respect to the permanence of the procedure. It is just a percentage rate of performance which means that it is not infallible or guaranteed to be 100% foolproof. The resulting 10 percent failure rate manifests itself as the removal of hair from the area, thinner, but still incomplete, and can appear as the re-growth of hair removed.