Landscape Design Style

As well as your personal tastes and desires, the best landscape design style for your yard can depend on the appearance of your house. If you’re looking for more tips, Landscape Design in Skokie has it for you. Each with its own distinctive features, there are several distinct types to remember, and each provides a variety of individual combinations for different preferences and purposes. Different types of garden designs are given below. See which one for your property is going to fit well.

The formal garden style is characterized by formal gardens with linear patterns, defined forms, and overall neatness. A prime illustration of this type of architecture is the Georgian Garden, and several other popular estates feature the uniformity of a traditional landscape design. Although spectacular displays are formal gardens, they need substantial upkeep and may be very expensive.

Informal landscape projects, incorporating unfinished structures and meandering curves, are realistic and calm. Planning a natural layout of native plants that thrive in overflowing flower beds full of color and texture is the secret to an effective casual design style. This style of landscape has an unkempt, laid back look and is simpler to manage than a formal garden, but proper consideration and routine maintenance are also needed.

The English Garden Style is a rare combination of formal and casual garden types. In the midst of simplicity, the English, cottage, and country garden designs are vibrant and comfortable with an intriguing aura of sophistication. These gardens are distinguished by picturesque boundaries and hedges, colorful, green blooms, and cozy living areas outside.

Oriental landscapes embody the calming influence of nature and are calm, healthy and serene oriental gardens. The elegance of the outdoors, mostly on a miniaturized stage, is emphasized by these Asian inspired designs. Lush bamboo gives privacy and protection, beauty is added by charming footpaths and bridges, and the natural flow of water adds still more harmony to these outdoor projects.

Tropical outdoor designs are lush, with bright colors, and rely heavily on a wet, humid atmosphere. A wonderful background for the colorful blooms typical in a tropical landscape is provided by ferns, shrubs, and fruit trees with oversized leaves. With splashes of colour, cozy island theme accessories build an outdoor paradise with a tropical flair.

Desert Garden Styles focus on warm weather, but southwestern landscape designs allow the most of a dry, hot climate that demands a more arid setting. A selection of native plants such as cacti and saw grass are usually used in these gardens. Desert style landscapes, especially in the selection of plants, require careful planning.

Contemporary Landscape Design embraces a formal garden style of specified lines and geometric forms as a more conservative approach to outdoor design, but contemporary garden designs incorporate diverse angles and patterns with creative outdoor materials as well. In this theme, unusual garden sculptures, uncommon varieties of plants, and groups of related flowers and shrubs are typical elements.

Natural Gardens are a fully casual design type, natural gardens are commonly used rather than homes in urban areas with wide expanses of land or outdoor parks. Often known as Xeriscape, with a design that represents the pure attributes of nature, this design combines native plants in specifically designed natural areas.

With its warm, breezy Mediterranean coast, Mediterranean Style Landscape Design was where gardening had its roots, so it is not shocking that within this large genre there are a range of types of design. Often referred to as the Palazzo, the Italian Renaissance style fits conveniently into this category and features refined patterns and formal compositions that evoke the time of classic Rome. Tuscan landscape designs are one of the most common Mediterranean garden types. Old World Tuscany influences these quaint and rustic outdoor spaces and features natural materials with exquisite accessories.