Know More About Botox

We all get to the stage that we glance in the mirror at some point in our lives and find a lot of wrinkles that we might have sworn were not there last week. Is the culprit actually ageing, or is there something at work causing those lines in our faces? If you’re looking for more tips, Botox in Andover has it for you. It may be from stress, too much sun, smoking, or a number of other variables, but the reality remains that we all start to get facial wrinkles at some stage. While we can’t really be positive where the wrinkles come from, there are still quick ways to banish them now.

Botox injections and even botos creams are now available that can help rid the face of the symptoms of ageing and give you skin that looks smooth and young again. To get rid of all sorts of facial wrinkles from crows’ feet to folds on your brow, you can use these skin aging creams and botox treatments. Improvements will be seen easily, but every 3-6 months, botox treatments will need to be replicated. It will expand this to also get rid of the fine lines that botox doesn’t work on by applying a botox substitute cream to the regular protection.

So, do you have any idea what botox is? You might be shocked to hear that botox is a poison that induces death and even paralysis. A bacterium named Clostridium botulinum is formed by it which is the same as the food poisoning known as botulism. Isn’t it strange that a possibly lethal poison is the best anti-wrinkle defense we have these days? Yeah, it’s true the huge doses of botox are lethal, but botox works miracles in tiny condensed quantities to make us appear younger and more appealing. It achieves this by very weakening the muscles through which it is pumped. This deficiency allows the muscles to contract and smooth the region above them, thus often smoothing the wrinkles.

As a surgical miracle medicine, Botox was not always used. It was first licensed as a remedy for uncontrolled blinking and sleepy eyes in 1980 for use by the FDA. They accepted botox for the treatment of mild to serious frown lines between the eyes only in the spring of 2002. Doctors quickly discovered, of course, that botox performed perfectly to eliminate all manner of lines and wrinkles, and since then they have been doing it this way. But don’t associate botox creams with botox injections. They all act slightly, but the positive news is that some of the conditions against which botox injections are not good are handled by botox creams. They pack a potent one-two punch together!

It’s plain to see why botox these days is the king of beauty therapies. Every year, millions of injections are given and if you have wrinkles starting to develop botox, it automatically comes to mind. It appears everybody knows about the beneficial outcomes of botox therapies. And news of Hollywood celebrities retaining their youthful appearance by botox treatments are all gone.

If you want to keep the skin soft and youthful, then botox may be right for you. Just make sure a qualified physician conducts the injections to keep healthy. To wipe away the lines and wrinkles that botox injections are unsuccessful against, like those induced by sun exposure, pair the botox injections with a good botox cream. You may retain shiny, young looking skin for a very long time with the mixture of both.