Impact Glass USA  – Types of Hurricane Windows

While the terms might be used interchangeably, hurricane windows and impact windows differ on some fundamental points, namely the degree of resistance they provide. Typically, hurricane windows are intended to withstand wind loads at a greater distance than normal windows because they have a greater span. For example, a normal home window is considered to be at a horizontal level when it meets with an ocean or oceanfront window. In contrast, hurricane windows are usually at a greater angle to prevent the window from being compromised by storm surges or precipitation. As such, hurricane windows can often offer a higher level of insulation than normal. They are also better equipped to withstand intense weather since they are designed to better withstand intense storms. Have a look at Impact Glass USA – Miami impact doors for more info on this.

Like most products in the storm-resistant category, hurricane windows are made from a variety of materials, including steel and plastic composites, glass, timber, aluminum, and fiberglass. Some of the materials commonly used for hurricane windows are storm windows, sash and casement, and sash and tilt and turn windows. All these varieties are designed to withstand strong winds and rains, and in turn, to withstand the impact of objects that could cause damage like wind, hail, and ice, which could otherwise weaken and break down a normal window.

In the case of uv, hurricane windows are made of a special UV resistant composite material which is resistant to ultraviolet rays (UV), especially when the window is considered to be within the exposed uv zone. This means that homes and businesses located in the coastal region where the majority of incidences of uv attacks happen should install storm-resistant windows. The impact of hurricanes also means that homes and businesses that remain in the coastal zone must be equipped with storm windows, even if they are within the exposed area only. In other words, the damage caused by a hurricane does not distinguish between residential and commercial structures, and both need to have effective storm-resistant storm windows and regular hurricane windows, or else the structure might have to be rebuilt.