Immigration Law – Finding a Good Lawyer

“Immigration Law” is a very vague concept since it covers a variety of topics such as visas, citizenship, partnerships, adoptions, deportations and green cards. People identified as “immigrants” will usually include people who either want to obtain a green card or want to come to the US to research, travel, or work. Various applications for visas exist and each of them has a specific and different set of laws , regulations , guidelines and procedure or course of action. Because of this, the different standards may also confuse travellers. This is where an immigration lawyer’s experience comes in handy. You may find more details about this at Toland Law, LLC.

Countries grant Visas for various purposes. Tourists, students and others who would like to work there are visas. A minimum of 140, 000 job-related immigrant visas are currently available under the US Immigration and Nationality Act. These are broken down into five groups or interests. A separate visa is also required for those who are either affinity or consanguinity-related to a US resident. At the same time, the guidelines for the immigrant visa are different for US citizens who are looking forward to adopting a kid who is not a US resident. Equipped with numerous sets of rules, this isn’t really a quick or simple operation. If you come under the visitor group, there will be a change of rules again. B-2 visas are usually preferred if you are only going on temporary or medical appointments. Students are usually not issued B-2 visas, unless they take a very short course. If the stay is successful within 6 months, then easily award B-2 visas.

Owing to the complexities of the immigration laws as well as the procedure of applying for a visa, you will need to seek the assistance of an immigration lawyer. It’s actually very convenient to find one, since there are a range of web platforms providing such services. You may also contact your relatives and friends for referrals. However, you will need to verify if the competence of the lawyer is the same as what you consider. Remember, the expertise of an immigration lawyer may lie in amnesty law, applying for a visa, citizenship, etc.

It is also a good idea to do a background check to look for any qualifications he might have. A strong certification is membership with American Association of Immigration Lawyers (AILA). It would also be a good idea to have a one-on-one consultation with the lawyer that you are considering before you get their services. Do not be afraid to ask questions about the plan and form of payment. Check if you have a relationship with your lawyer as this will make it easier for both of you to address the case in depth.