Immigration Bail Bonds

If an illegal immigrant has been detained by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and has been given a Warrant of Arrest, he or she may be eligible for an immigration bond. Immigration bonds are similar to other bail bonds in that they ensure that a person charged with a legal crime appears in court. A bond must be substantial enough to guarantee that the defendant will appear for all future immigration hearings. Only if the alien is liable for a bail bond would he or she be considered. The alien must show that his or her release does not endanger property or people, and that he or she is likely to appear for any potential hearings in the immigration officer’s opinion. Get more informations of bail bondsmen who take payments
Only after the INS decides that the alien is eligible will a company’s bail bondsman post the immigration bond. However, instead of using the INS, a private corporation may post an immigration bond. The alien’s name and identification number must be given, as well as the name of the facility where the alien is being kept. These basic conditions, including the monthly premium charge to the bail agent, are identical to those for other forms of bail bonds.
Instead of a regular licence, immigration bonds include a casualty licence. In addition, if the alien fails to appear in court when summoned, the bonds posted will be forfeited immediately. Language gaps are a common source of difficulty for bail bond agents when it comes to immigration bonds. In immigration situations, the procedures for obtaining collateral differ.