Guide to Making a Personal Injury Claim

In the event that you will have to make a claim for compensation, this guide has been compiled to help you find the best injury lawyer / solicitor. If you have sustained an injury, physical or emotional, from the careless acts of a individual or corporation, then you have the right to seek compensation for personal injury.

Your first move is to make sure that you consult an experienced personal injury lawyer who will provide you with appropriate guidance on filing a compensation claim. Personal Injury Law is a complex matter and that is why we strongly recommend that a qualified lawyer / solicitor be pursued instead of some other third party who may not be specialised in matters of injury law.You can learn more at Flagler Personal Injury Group 

Researching and finding a prosecutor for personal injury

If you have a proper claim, there are many fine, knowledgeable and skilled injury lawyers / attorneys who will advise you free of charge, try searching on Google for “Injury Lawyers” at the beginning to find a suitable injury lawyer for you.

To see whether they have true testimonials from happy customers, search their websites. Do they offer advice free-of-charge. It shouldn’t cost you anything, including making a phone call, to make an enquiry.

They will try to decide whether you have a legitimate argument over the course of the conversation between you and the accident lawyer. They will also advise you how best to pay your lawsuit, the time scale involved and other information that are important to your lawsuit (most Accident Lawyers work under a No Win No Fee agreement).

What you’ll need from your accident lawyer

The process then begins with gathering the proof to assist with your argument until you are satisfied with your pick. Accident details: date, place, events of the accident itself, etc … Any witnesses who can make comments. Information of your injuries and any medical reports that indicate the care you have received / obtained. Loss of earnings after the accident or any other financial costs you have suffered. Documents for insurance. Photographic proof (if you’ve got any).

If you are making a whiplash allegation, please call the police to make a road accident report available to you at the earliest possible moment.

Setting the claim process into effect

Your accident lawyer / attorney will give a letter to the person or party against which you are making a claim after all information has been obtained. The next step is waiting for the response (they have 21 days to consider the claim). The respondent ‘s reaction (the person / party you are suing against) will outline whether or not they acknowledge liability for your injuries.

To settle out of court

Your accident lawyer / solicitor will then encourage you to settle-out-of-court if the respondent admits responsibility. At this point, you will also be told what amounts of compensation are appropriate and whether the case is settled without even having to go to court if both parties concerned are in agreement.