Find Top Recipes Catered For Foreign Bakers

Whether it’s the ever-growing blob of bread dough on the counter or the tricky cake recipe that at any moment looks like it’s going to collapse, it just seems overwhelming to scratch baking.

Here are the 10 things you can do for your next kitchen adventure to boost the chances of baking success…

1. Read the whole recipe carefully prior to baking. This may seem simple, but it will ensure that you have enough time and all the ingredients required to ensure the success of baking.

2. Do not overmix the recipe or overbake it. Using a kitchen timer to watch how long you’ve taken a specific move is a simple way to solve this. I also set the oven timer for 5 minutes less than the anticipated baking time to help with overbaking. For any oven temperature variations, this creates a buffer, More about the author.

3. The oven should still be preheated. Be sure to allow ample time prior to baking to preheat the oven for at least 45 minutes. The secret to great taste, colour and texture is this.

4. Adjust the oven shelves as needed, especially if more than one pan is used. To allow air to circulate around the pans, make sure that there is enough room above and below the pans.

5. Make sure to tightly pack it into the measuring cup for precise calculation when measuring brown sugar.

6. Be sure to sift the dry ingredients before use when baking cakes and cookies, even though the flour says it is pre-sifted. This is necessary because, during shipment and storage, the flour will compress and settle.

7. The flakiest crust is made from cold ingredients. In making pie crusts, puff pastry or croissants, be sure to use very cold fats.

8. Flours that are bleached and unbleached are interchangeable. The real difference comes down to the slight texture and taste. In the end, whether you use bleached or unbleached flour does not really matter.

9. Baking powder and baking soda are NOT interchangeable, unlike flour. There are no acids in baking soda to activate it during baking. In recipes, to make baked goods light and airy, it is usually mixed with buttermilk, yoghurt or molasses. A mixture of baking soda and acid is a baking powder. Baking powder ‘Double-acting’ works twice; once when combined with wet ingredients and then again during baking.

10. Until you have done it as written at least once, try not to make any improvements or adjustments to the recipe. I was there… walking along and thinking how cool this or that would be to add. But trust me, in the kitchen, there’s nothing more discouraging than changing a new recipe and watching it miserably fail when it comes out of the oven.