Facts you should know about Metro Sleep

When you sleep, the spine needs to be kept straight, so if your mattress is sagging (usually it is after 5-7 years), it will misalign your spine and make it impossible to rest.
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You’re actually doing a balance act all night long when you sleep on a saggy mattress, and this is exhausting if you work hard all day, then you can’t rest at night. You may or may not visually see a sag and some people are getting used to it. It is quite common for one individual to be able to sleep, O.K. When the other individual on it suffers throughout the night, on a saggy mattress. 25 percent of your spinal alignment is your pillow and you need to find a pillow that is not too high for your neck. The trick is that the pillow should allow your neck to be straight and not tilted up or downwards if you are a side sleeper, as this will put strain on your neck. Temperature is critical, and about 38 percent of individuals say they wake up because they get hot and once, they wake up, they are unable to return to sleep. Cool sleeping mattresses and pillows are many options today, but please remember that if your room is warm, your cool sleeping mattress or pillow will acclimatise to the room temperature and will not feel so cool. You will need to keep the room cool in order to maximise the cool feeling. Motion separation is what interrupts 22 percent of your deep sleep and is caused by your partner not being able to get back to sleep while moving and waking you up. Please remember these very significant tips when selecting a mattress; Are you suffering from hip or shoulder pain? If so, don’t purchase too much! In a memory foam or pocketed coil mattress, you can get a firm support with a soft top. Try a Tempu Pedic or Beauty Rest Black when you are a larger person.