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If you were one of the people who used an old 8 mm or Super 8 mm movie camera, and now you want to watch those old movies, it’s getting hard to find projectors to watch them on, and if you have a VHS movie camera, it’s been removed for a long time (your old movie camera is still in the same place). In recording family history over the past few hundred years, the only thing that has stayed constant is books. In order to see them, you don’t need any special equipment, they don’t become obsolete, and they last for centuries.

If you’re one of the lucky families with a family Bible that has been used for decades to document facets of your family, count yourself very lucky. But you can do much better now. Anyone can put together a Family History Book using the technology available today. To produce some of the most fascinating and convincing books you’ll ever read, you can combine both pictures and text. For centuries to come, Family History Books will be cherished by your whole family.click for more info

With most families having access to at least one home computer, and also a scanner for scanning old photographs, it is fun and convenient to make a family book. Anything you really need to get started on a home computer with word processing applications such as Word, Works or WordPerfect on it. You’ll make your book even more interesting and useful if you have a scanner and want to add photographs to your paper.

Know that you will need to have your book printed on a colour printing machine if you want to use colour images in your book, which is, of course, more costly to replicate than a B&W book. (In some cases, individual colour pages can be put into a B&W book, but unless you only have a few colour photos you want to include, this service can also add up in cost).

Contacting all your family members is one of the first things to do before you even get named. For two reasons, you’re going to want to do this, first you want to be able to get pictures and facts for the book from them, and secondly, you’re going to want to know how many people would be interested in buying a book when it’s eventually printed.