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The advisor was essentially arguing that he had never had the opportunity to fax or email me a simple Microsoft Word document. Despite this, the advisor had spoken with the client several times throughout the week. In this day and age of computers, fax machines, and smart phones, it’s difficult for me to believe that the advisor (or any of his co-workers) never had the opportunity to send me a simple email during a week when he was in direct contact with the client.Do you want to learn more? Visit Hawley Advisors

My strong suspicion is that the advisor simply did not want anyone to conclude that he had not adequately represented both the benefits and drawbacks of the product. THE ADVISOR HAS BEEN STRIKED THREE TIMES AND IS NOW OUT! The story, however, continues. Because the advisor had arrived at my office before the client, I suggested that I take the contract and read it thoroughly before the client arrived so that we could have a productive conversation. Despite my repeated requests, the advisor would not give me time to read the contract or even allow me to hold the document. STRIKE NUMBER FOUR.¬† I agreed to let the advisor “walk me through” the material he had brought in an attempt to educate myself as much as possible before the client’s arrival. As a result, the advisor quickly flipped the page and placed the document on my table, pointing out the guaranteed rate of return. He then quickly flipped the page again, this time pointing out the bonus return that was applied to new contracts. Finally, he highlighted the income schedule on the annuity contract and quickly turned the page. Clearly, the annuity’s advantages were highlighted while the details – or fine print – were avoided. FIVE THOUSAND THOUSANDTHOUSANDTHOUSANDTHOUSAND At this point, I told the advisor that this exercise was not assisting me in better understanding the annuity and that I needed to read the contract.