Facts you should know about Detroit Bed Bug Exterminator Association

Nevertheless, the best bed bug exterminators are those that do it professionally. Professional teams for pest control are made up of individuals who can diagnose the kind of bugs that have infested the house effectively. They are also the ones who can prescribe the appropriate treatment to get rid of every single trace of the pests in your house. You are sure with them that once all the bugs are out of your house, the chances of them returning are small so that you can sleep soundly at night without worrying about waking up to itchy rashes the extermination of bed bugs should be addressed as a priority once an infestation of these insects is found to be present. The creatures are small parasitic insects that belong to the family of Culicidae. Click here to find out more Detroit Bed Bug Exterminator Association

They feed primarily on human blood and various other animals that are warm-blooded. Cimex lectularius, which is the type generally associated with humans, is the most common form of bed bug. It is a misconception that bed bugs are invisible to the naked eye, measuring between 4 and 5 mm in length and between 1.5 and 3 mm in width. These insects feed on blood and dry skin and, upon detecting body heat, will often climb walls and ceilings and then fall on their victims. Their peak feeding periods are just prior to sunrise, but if the opportunity arises, they are known to feed at other times. By inserting two hollow tubes through the skin of their victims, the bugs feed. They inject their saliva through one tube, which includes a combination of anticoagulants and anaesthetics, and withdraw the blood through the other tube. When swollen, red, itchy spots appear on the body, one of the first indications of the presence of bed bugs. These spots may be painful and can become infected in certain circumstances and appear extremely unpleasant.