Entermission Sydney- Some Insights

Virtual Reality brings to mind teens behind closed doors for hours on end locked in mortal combat with images flashed on hi-tech screens. The technology used produces life like videos which mesmerize the viewer or participant. Could this same technology be used to treat mental health disorders and addictions? If you’re looking for more tips, Entermission Sydney – Virtual Reality Escape Rooms – escape room sydney cbd has it for you. Researchers at Duke University have developed a Virtual Reality Video, they believe, can reduce the cravings of addicts in search of recovery. Controlling the cravings would greatly improve the addicts’ chance at recovery and reduce the number of those that relapse.

The Virtual Reality Game would actually (virtually) allow a therapist to place a patient in a situation that represents a real life interactive drug encounter that produces the same cravings felt in reality. The Therapist will then use behavior cues and cognitive therapy to teach the patient how to not crave. The patient having successfully withstood the test in the game now takes the same cues into the real world. An Audio Cue used in the game can be used to control cravings when they arise. Ultimately an addict will be able to stop craving altogether.

The research is promising but much work still needs to be done before addiction treatment centers close their doors. Many will find it hard to believe that the same cravings they have felt can be simulated in a game.