Different Skin Tightening Technologies and Costs

Many of us over 30-40 see our facial skin begin to loosen and sag, and it may be tighter and more youthful looking for many of us wish or skin. As a non-surgical face lift, skin tightening therapies such as Thermage, Titan, Refirme, LuxIR and others are also marketed. However, an objective comparison of a well-performed surgical face lift with the outcomes of a non-surgical skin tightening operation shows that only 20-30 percent of the standard face lift outcome is obtained by the best skin tightening treatment. The effects of skin tightening on the tummy and arms are at best 20% of what a tummy tuck or arm lift would achieve surgically.Do you want to learn more? click for more info

In my experience, newer, but more invasive, subcutaneous laser treatments achieve considerably better skin tightening than the surface treatments currently available using Thermage, Titan, Refirme and Lux IR. I expect the latest laser technology to continue to enhance and eventually replace the older surface technology that tightens the skin using radio frequency and infrared energy.

It loses elasticity as our skin ages. What binds our skin closely to our face and body is elasticity. Collagen and elastin, two components of the deeper layer of our skin called the dermis, depend on elasticity. In the deepest part of the skin, just above the fat layer that lies under our skin, the elastin and collagen responsible for tight skin are located.

Collagen contracts and the skin is tightened as collagen is heated to 66 degrees centigrade. This is called remodelling and happens after heating the collagen over many months.

The strategy of both these devices is to heat the skin’s deep collagen to induce collagen contraction and remodelling, which causes skin tightening. Radiofrequency energy (Thermage), infrared energy (Titan, LuxIR Deep), or a combination of both (Refirme) are passed into the skin to heat and remodel the collagen to accomplish this deep skin heating. These machines have advanced cooling systems to cool the skin surface to avoid burning as the energy is transferred into the deep dermis through the skin.