Difference between cultured marble and marble- An Intro

Cultured marble being porous in nature having malleable properties, it is not very resistant to spills and stains. It should be properly cleaned and cared for regularly to ensure it remains in the perfect condition and gives you the best finish for long time. When it comes to cleaning the cultured marble and taking its care, following steps will help you ensure the same, saving you time and giving a smooth and perfect finish over years to come:

Since marble is quite sensitive, do not use any and every solution to clean the surface. Ensure that the cleaning solution has a neutral pH value. Otherwise the marble surface may be harmed and its shine and longevity may be affected. Click moresurfacecare.wordpress.com/2020/08/03/the-difference-between-cultured-marble-and-marble/.

It is always better to avoid using abrasive cleaners while cleaning cultured marble. The abrasive cleaner will break down the seal affecting the surface of the marble. It is best to use water based cleaners for normal cleaning.

If the marble surface is looking quite worn out, a polishing compound can be used to get the shine back. Car wax or appliance wax can be used to fill the dents and scratches and bring back the shine.

Cultured marble being a softer material with more malleable properties, it requires much more caution to avoid scratches and dents due to falling objects. Over time small scratches can mar the overall appearance of the surface. Regular rebuffing or polishing is required to maintain its consistency. Cultured marble surface is mostly available in either satin or glossy finish. Satin finish being low luster needs very less cleaning and maintenance apart from regular cleaning.

To clean the marble, a soft clean mop should be used. Also change the water as soon as it gets dirty. Use a heavy door mat to keep the dust out thereby maintaining the interiors clean and shiny without dirt and sand.The spray and spill marks should be removed quickly and immediately to avoid any permanent stains.

Do not use regular kitchen detergent to clean the marble surface. Use of such detergents over a period of time will discolor the marble. Enough water should be used to rinse the marble surface clean. Wipe the surface clean as soon as you finish the wash. Replace the water when it gets dirty or it will catch dirty water marks. Finally it is better to use a sealant to clean cultured marble surfaces and it is best to use a solvent based sealer to ensure long-lasting smooth and shiny surface.