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Home ownership comes with a number of different responsibilities and one of the worst chores is cleaning your gutters. Gutter cleaning is necessary, but dangerous and it is probably a good idea to hire a professional to do this task for you. There are several reasons why professional cleaning services are the best choice.If you’re looking for more tips, Austin Gutter Association has it for you.

First, climbing and working on ladders can be dangerous. If you are not experienced at working on a ladder, then you could make any number of mistakes and fall. Ladder accidents are one of the most common household injuries every year. Many people have to visit the hospital for broken bones, concussions, and even more serious injuries. There are even a few deaths a year that can be attributed to ladder accidents. Professionals have experience and the proper safety equipment to make working a ladder safer.

Second, gutter cleaning is a time consuming job. The two times a year you should consider cleaning your gutters are early spring and late fall. In late fall, everyone wants to enjoy as much of the last warm days as possible before winter sets in. Who wants to waste an entire day cleaning the gutter system? Then, after being cooped up inside all winter, no one wants to spend a Saturday working on a ladder when they could be enjoying the warm spring weather.

Third, if you have problems with allergies then you probably do not want to be exposed to the bacteria and molds that might be present when gutter cleaning. Mold allergic reaction can range from minor irritation of the nose and airway to major breathing problems. If you have allergy problems you do not want to risk a full asthma attack or possible passing out while up on a ladder. Professionals have the proper personal protective equipment to keep them safe.

Finally, professional cleaning companies often have many services available to homeowners and you might be able to get some other household chores done at the same time if you hire the right company. Services like window washing, power washing siding or patios, and deck resurfacing and staining are just some of the things a cleaning service could do for you while they are at your home to clean gutters.