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Bankruptcy Lawyer: The process of filing bankruptcy can be overwhelming to begin with, and even more so when a debtor has many creditors and loans against their property. There are three types of bankruptcy law, including the easy version in which individuals can declare bankruptcy without having to worry about ongoing debts and lenders. An individual may also file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which involves selling all assets that are worth more than the debtor’s current debt load. Or they may file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which requires them to sell all of their assets and pay off any debts, but guarantees they will not have any future financial obligations. Bankruptcy lawyers are a great resource for any debtor who wishes to choose this particular option. -Click for more info
Choosing an attorney is important because the process of filing bankruptcy protects your assets from creditors, provides you with information about your options, and educates you about debt management and credit counseling. Bankruptcy lawyers are very familiar with the bankruptcy process and can assist an individual or business owner through every step of the way. In many ways an attorney can be as proactive as a creditor and help the debtor to navigate the bankruptcy process.
Choosing a bankruptcy lawyer does not have to be difficult and should not be considered intimidating. Often bankruptcy lawyers provide free consultations to help an individual decide if filing for bankruptcy is the best course of action. Also, most bankruptcy lawyers offer a free website where an individual can learn about the bankruptcy laws, learn about filing for bankruptcy, and research successful filing of bankruptcy cases. If you are unsure of how the bankruptcy laws work or do not know of a good bankruptcy lawyer in your area, searching online will yield many results and hopefully provide you with the answers you need.