Comparing Medical cannabis cards

A medical cannabis card is a valid state issued identification card, which allows a registered patient with the recommendation of a licensed physician to obtain, have, or grow medical cannabis for medical use despite the absence of the regular Food and Drug Administration (FDA) testing for potency and safety. Medical cannabis cards are valid for growing, processing, possession, and distribution by qualified patients with written documentation of a diagnosed medical condition that supports the claim. In some states, including California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Washington, no qualifying patients may possess, cultivate, process, distribute, or market marijuana unless he or she has been licensed through the state to do so. Medical cannabis is also classified as a Schedule II drug, meaning it has a high potential for abuse and should be strictly regulated.Learn more about us at Medical cannabis cards near me

Although state laws vary, most enable medical cannabis patients to purchase or receive cards from local growers or retailers who participate in the state’s approved program. In addition, most allow patients to cultivate their own plants at home, except for patients who live in the following states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin. While patients can obtain state certification to cultivate and process their own plants, those who live in these non-certified locations are not allowed to drive or operate vehicles under state law without written certification from a local distributor or processor.

In terms of buying, most states allow patients to purchase one ounce or less of cannabis and most facilities selling the substance also offer a card for the purchase. In a few states, patients can only be issued one medical cannabis card per residence and cannot possess more than one card. No patient may use or sell cannabis while using or receiving a card, except to consume it on the same premises where they obtained their card. For patients who move across state lines to serve their marijuana sentence, California state law bars them from using or owning an unlicensed distributor or processor’s card.