Children and Divorce Reality

As a mother, do you still remember your first Mother’s Day? Mine brings a smile to my face because becoming a mother is a great blessing. My son is too young to welcome me on that day, but his presence on that day is more than enough to delight me. But what if you come to a point where divorce is already being considered? Is your next Mother’s Day going to be as charming as it is now? Would your children be with you on Mother’s Day next time? -Read More Here

You might say, “I have done enough. I have sacrificed enough. The pain is too much to bear.” I’m telling you this: if you want to divorce, you’re going to pass the “unbearable pain” on to your children. So is this the alternative of who is going to suffer more? Your children or you? It doesn’t need to be like this. You would be kept off track by this sort of thought.

It could be “noble” to stay in your marriage for the sake of your kids. It is not sustainable, however. While it is a good reason for your children to remain married, they are not responsible for preserving your marriage. For the sake of your offspring, stop pitying yourself for choosing to be ‘unhappy’. Start taking steps now, so that your marriage is not a burden in itself, but a source of joy. There can never be a combination of children and divorce.

Let these realities sink in. Understanding the above is a big leap forward already. In your marriage, losing faith is like divorcing without the paperwork. Prepare yourself for the job ahead. Think of this if you start falling backwards. It is simpler to save your marriage than to get a divorce. O nice to be true? Oh, no. You just need a little help. If you are reading stories of saved marriages, it will help a lot. Really, all those who suffer from the pains of affairs may be rescued.

I hope that you will make the right decision today and that you and your children will be celebrating Mother’s Day together at the same time next year.