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Piercings of the nose are widely common all over the world. The most common piercings are nostrils and septum (properly called the nasal septum) piercings; bridge piercings, which are situated between the eyes, are also uncommon. Whichever nose piercings you like, they all have the ability to effortlessly frame your profile and highlight your features. Nostril piercings have been around since the dawn of time. People have been piercing their noses for longer than written history for a variety of reasons, including warrior status, child-bearing assistance, religious parallels, and coming-of-age rituals. Have a look at PiercingShops.

¬†Nose piercings are a comparatively recent fad in America; the first people to have their noses pierced were hippies returning from sojourns in India and “hard rock” fans, so the original view of nostril piercings was that of disestablishmentarianism. Today, having a nostril pierced is not considered “punk” or “rebellious,” and a growing majority of employers allow for nostril piercings; of all the facial piercings, this is undoubtedly one of the piercings that draws the most favourable reactions from older or more conservative members of society.

Both nostrils can be drilled, and which side you choose is a matter of personal choice.

You and your piercer will consider the jewellery is suitable for your lifestyle (and the jewellery used for the piercing will not be what you want) and which jewellery will better suit your face for the unavoidable swelling that will occur. By asking you to flare your nostrils, the piercer can decide the best place for your new jewellery. The best-looking nose jewellery is put in the crease that emerges during flaring, and by doing so, you reduce the risk of inadvertently tearing out your new piercing!

The septum piercing is a painful piercing that is found in the septum (the cartilage that divides your nostrils). Really, since a decent piercer won’t go through the cartilage, it’s one of the least painful piercings you can get. The jewels will be put in the “sweet spot” – a sliver of thin skin – where your piercer will pinch on your septum.

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