Best exercises- Info

The upper back is a very large muscle group and there are several exercises that will help you strengthen your back. Having a strong back will help you build a V taper as well as build core stability and improve balance. Also it must be remembered that every time you get up from a lying down position you will need to use your back to get up. -Learn More

I have several exercises that work the upper and lower back and here are the three best back exercises.

Seated rows – This is an exercise that works both the upper and lower back and is a compound exercise also working the biceps and shoulders. To do seated rows you sit on a low bench with a cable with a double handle facing you. Stretch out and grab the cable and pull it back both straightening up your upper body while also pulling your arms in towards you stomach.

Wide grip pulldowns – This is a great exercise for working the upper part of your latissimus Dorsi (lats) muscles and will give you width in your upper back. Stretch up and grab both ends of the bar and then pull the bar down to a seated position. You should have your knees pulled under a brace of some kind so that you will not be pulled back up and then you simply use your arms and upper back to pull the bar down behind your back.

Bent Leg Deadlifts – This is probably the best back and upper body workout of any kind. This exercise can be difficult to understand and the best way to do deadlifts in the first place is to use a bar and no weights. The basic action of the deadlift is to lower the bar from a standing position to as close to the floor as possible. We all know that we have to lift with our knees and you also want ot keep your back straight so that you keep stability and don’t hurt your back. Once you get the idea of how this exercise works you will find that it works your legs but even a greater amount of stress and muscle is worked in your upper and lower back.

So these are probably the best exercises for your back but the problem is that working your back is very dangerous if you work it wrong or use too heavy a weight. So please be careful as you will want to be able to work back well and at the same time not hurt yourself.

When working your back you should do a nice smooth warmup set and then one to two sets for each exercise. With the strength needed to work such a large muscle group as your back you will find that you get tired and winded so take enough time between sets so that you will be getting the most of your sets.