Back Pain and Chiropractic Care

Most individuals will visit their local doctor for a prescription of painkillers when they begin to get lower back pain. This drug does not fix the issue, as you might imagine, all it does is mask the pain. If the pain is muscular, this is the best thing to do, so the body only needs a little time to heal itself, which it can do very well while you use the painkillers. But if there is a nerve transmission or skeletal system problem, the solution to relieve your back ache is a chiropractor and not medicine. They have to put up with back ache for several years with some very unfortunate individuals before choosing to seek care from a chiropractor who all specialise in back pain. If you just look for a chiropractor in the first place, you will save yourself several painful months.Learn more about us at Chiropractic

The root of the pain is caused by chiropractors rather than just where it hurts. You can no longer have the back ache reoccurring time and time again by fixing the cause of the pain. Chiropractors can potentially treat most nerve and musculoskeletal system disorders by carrying out spinal manipulations and corrections. Unfortunately, chiropractic care is still not on the UK NHS (National Health Service) despite many success storeys, and perhaps this makes individuals more hesitant to seek treatment by a chiropractor.

Neurological and clinical examinations were carried out by orthopaedic surgeons and physicians, but nothing irregular was found in the outcomes of the patients. The patients were diagnosed with lumbopelvic fixation by chiropractors and began to undergo treatment and the outcomes were amazing. With a cumulative absence period of two thirds of what is associated with traditional medical care, all but two patients were recovered and returned to work. Since the root of the issue had been resolved, these individuals could go back to their normal lives more quickly and free of pain. A prolonged procedure may have required traditional medical care to first sort out the issue while on heavy medication that may have serious side effects. A much more secure and straightforward approach to your back pain is chiropractic treatment.

Many individuals might be concerned about visiting a chiropractor simply because they have never been to one before, so they are unaware and nervous about what is going to happen. You will have a comprehensive health history and a spinal test taken on the first day. Some patients may require an x-ray but not always. You will get an introduction to the chiropractic techniques and processes if it is your first time seeing a chiropractor. In order to help you properly, a chiropractor requires you to be comfortable, so they can use heat or relaxation to calm you. You will find that you already have a much greater range of motion after your first spinal manipulation, and you and your chiropractor will develop a recovery plan based on your level of back pain. Some patients need 2-3 visits a week, as time goes by, with manipulations becoming further apart. Your recovery doesn’t end there, as you will need to conduct rehabilitation activities at home to avoid any damage or discomfort.