Areas to know about 75 Degree AC

It might not be cold here but it won’t be long before the temperature starts to decrease. The timely visit of a heating contractor will provide peace of mind and a pre-season service that will guarantee that the first cold evening stays outside.

Many heating contractors work in Ireland, and not all are equal. It is important to use the resources available to us to ensure that we are dealing with a reputable contractor and that he is using the most appropriate equipment. Among the instruments that will provide guidelines for contractors are the Electrical Contractors of Ireland Ltd (RECI), the Register of Gas Installers of Ireland (RGII) and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). For more details click 75 Degree AC.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland sets minimum energy efficiency standards for heating contractors to be used in building heating, air conditioning and/or ventilation systems. Grants such as the Home Energy Saving Scheme (HES), the Greener Homes Scheme (GHS) and the Warmer Homes Scheme (WHS) are also offered to homeowners to help increase energy savings in Ireland and decrease CO2 output.

A BER is a measure of the energy efficiency of a home; grants are available for a Building Energy Quality Certificate as well. This is the rating needed for any building being sold or leased to notify the new owner of the relative condition of the HVAC system. The ratings vary from A for the best, to G, for the worst. In order to give the new occupant an understanding of the cost of getting the building up to modern standards, the report is accompanied by recommendations for improvements.

The Registry of Gas Installers of Ireland (RGII) focuses on safety awareness, study and knowledge gathering on all matters relating to gas. The trust gives contractors opportunities to learn about the latest technologies and energy saving techniques through publications and workshops. The trust was also involved in the development of an eligible individual certificate scheme designed to ensure greater compliance with the building regulations.