All About Roofing

The first step in locating the ideal roofing contractor for your home is to determine or have a general idea of the type of new roof you want. Will you want to easily replace your current roof with asphalt shingles? Or do you want to try something different, like metal, ceramic, slate, or something more uncommon, like a planted “green” roof? Whatever choice you choose, find a roofing contractor who specialises in the materials you  choose.Do you want to learn more? Visit Wichita Chamber

If you like the look of a roof in your neighbourhood or area, don’t be afraid to ask the homeowner who did the work and how much it cost. It’s a good idea to start your quest by asking friends, family, and others for suggestions. Another good resource is skilled builder and contractor organisations.

Conduct short phone interviews with each contractor on your list. Check their availability, licence and insurance status, and willingness to include a client list. You should start asking for written price estimates to assess roofing costs once you’ve narrowed your list down to three or four contractors. To compare apples to apples, make sure contractors know what grade of materials they want to use and what kind of warranty they’ll have.

Materials, staff, and all other costs, as well as earnings, should be included in bids. Materials usually pay for 40% of the overall bill, with income typically ranging from 15% to 20%.

Check the top contender’s references and contact the Better Business Bureau and your state’s consumer protection organisation to make sure the contractor doesn’t have a history of disgruntled consumers.