All about Brush & Color Eco Painting

If you have had some previous experience before painting your home you might have noticed that it took you longer than you anticipated. A lot of people think that painting is just an easy thing to do and don’t really think about the skills that are required. I know everybody has seen people paint, they think “what’s the big deal” they saw someone skillfully painting something with ease and it looked good so they think they can do the same. Painting your home is complicated to do it right first thing is you have to clean it and then scrape it all down and after that you might need to do some sanding with scrapes were to get rid of the sharp edges. If you have an older house with a lot of old paint jobs on it already and you want to make it look really good it’s got taken a lot longer to do the preparation than the actual painting.Feel free to visit Brush & Color Eco Painting for additional information.

Now that you have done all your prep work and then it’s time to go around and do all your spot priming, the spot priming should be done on all the bare spots of wood to seal the wood. And if you’re going to paint with latex you should prime the whole structure with a high-quality exterior primer especially if it was painted previously with a glossy oil finish. I recommend not to paint in temperatures lower then around 10 or around 50 they also say this on the can, when it’s cold the wood has difficulty retaining primer in its fibers, the primary will only stay on the top of the wood instead of digging into the wood for longer wear.

The next day now that the primer has dried you can put the finish coats on. If you haven’t primed to whole thing and you have picked a color that’s close to what was on there originally you might only have to put one coat on. but if you pick the color that either a lot lighter or a lot darker you probably going to have to paint two coats.