A Spotlight Of Tint World

Adding window film to your car or home can be a nightmare if you opt to do it yourself. Instead of going the DIY route, take the easy path and hire a professional tinting company to do the work. It’s significantly easier for you, and it ends up saving you time and hassle. Here are three reasons why you should avoid DIY window tinting and hire a professional instead.Learn more about us at Tint World

Bubble, Bubble

One of the most infuriating and frustrating aspects of DIY window tinting is the film’s capacity for bubbling, seemingly out of nowhere. No matter how careful you are when you first put on your film, it will bubble; there is almost no avoiding that. The problem is that those pesky bubbles now all have to be pushed out to make your tint or window film look nice and smooth. Smoothing it out is a heavily time intensive project, even for smaller windows. Obviously, the professionals are experts at getting these bubbles out, but you aren’t-which is an excellent reason to leave the tinting to the pros.

Dirt, Lint, Hair, Dust, Bugs…

Once you’ve finally, after many hours, managed to work out all of the bubbles, you breathlessly step back to look at your finished work, only to see, right there in the middle, a long hair snaking through your beautiful window film job! You could just about scream. But you start over and try again only to reach the same point and now there’s lint over in that corner! By about the third or fourth time this happens with some other debris particle, you may end up on the floor, weeping and hugging your knees. Instead of risking your tint job to all of the hazards of small, unperceivable gunk, take your window film project to the experts. They are able to contain the area where they work so that none of these tiny bits of junk can make their way under your window film.

Legal Issues with Cars

Car window tinting is a legal minefield, and you are more than likely to fall into at least one of the series of traps legislated for drivers who want to tint their car’s windows. In most states, you cannot use tinting on your front windshield (except for a certain distance from the top of the windshield-you see how this gets tricky fast!), you cannot have tints that block over a certain percentage of light, you cannot use certain colors, and you cannot use tints that have more than a certain percentage of mirroring effect.

For a layperson who just wants their car to look cool or block out harmful UV rays, it’s very difficult to make sure that a DIY tint job is, in fact, legal. And sure, you may think you won’t get caught, but the fines for illegal tint jobs are steep and you’ll be forced to remove the tinting that you spent so much time installing. Instead, take your car to a reputable window tinting company (NOT one guy working out of his car or truck!). Your window tinting company will be up to date on the legality of car window tinting in your state, and will be able to advise you on how to get the look you want while keeping your car 100% legal.